Handcrafted accessories in the province of Como

Platino designs and creates gorgeous accessory items using top-quality, certified and exquisite fabrics. Thanks to the quality and refinement of our products our success has travelled and we are gaining recognition for our professionalism and elegance at international level.


The tie is the most used accessory by the elegant man: its features give a touch of class and a rare refinement to the wearer. The tie story was born in the nineteenth century, when it was fashionable to wear long-knit handkerchiefs for men. Slowly from the handkerchiefs, in the 20th century, this accessory became the modern tie. Platino handicrafts neckties in a range of sizes, using quality materials and fabrics. Platino designs and produces ties made in plain or fantasy fabrics, square, dyed, striped, dotted, or knitted - something for every taste.


The handkerchief or 'pochette' is a timeless, precious and elegant accessory for the refined man.
This accessory has an long history: in ancient Egypt, men wore pieces of red cloth to symbolise their wealth. In the Middle Ages, European noblemen carried handkerchiefs soaked in perfume to protect them from the unpleasant smells of the unsanitary streets. At that time the detail of the embroidery and fabrics with which these accessories were made determined the wealth and power of the possessor: they symbolised elegance and wealth and were even precious enough to be handed down from father to son. Platino srl produces handkerchiefs of every size and design using different fabrics that embellish and enhance these historic accessories.


The bow-tie, or, 'papillon' is a man's accessory that has seen a resurgence in fashion in recent times. Many men prefer to wear the papillon over the more classic tie- a timeless and classic design. The bow-tie is an elegant accessory for a man. Platinum srl designs and manufactures wonderful men's bow-ties, suitable for important occasions and formal evenings and all are created using different fabrics and quality materials.


Men's cravats, also known as 'ascots' have recently been seen on the international catwalks of some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. Up until now, the ascot has been an accessory mostly used by older people or those with a vintage style, but today they are back to being a fashion accessory for all - even the youngest of men. The ascot adds a sporty, casual touch to any outfit. Platino srl's cravats are produced using expensive fabrics such as silk, which is the fabric of excellence for these unique accessories.


Platino srl also produces scarves, a typical winter accessory that adds colour and flair to winter coats and hats. We create a range of scarves in various precious materials from wool to cashmere, silk and of course in various patterns, styles and designs.

The stole

The stole is a very special accessory embodying class and elegance. It can bring to life formal dress attire, or enhance more casual looks, bringing a touch of style and sophistication to any outfit. Platino srl creates beautiful stoles made in various fabrics, sizes and designs, perfect for formal or casual looks.

Neck scarves

The ladies neck scarf is the most versatile and complementary accessory available in women's fashion. There are so many ways to wear one, whether around your neck, hanging loose around your jacket or even on your head for a chic turban look! Whatever your preference, Platino srl produces will have one to suit your taste. We create neck scarves in an array of fabrics, designs and colour-ways.
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